Biggest update yet!

Well, it's good to have the time to give everyone an update as we have several exciting bits of news to announce.

First off, since Luke left and Daryl boldly took his place, we have had ourselves a busy summer of gigging and getting him up to speed. It is always an uneasy time when a new member joins, but we have been well received in every venue we have played in (thanks to everyone who came to watch us btw) and we are now as good as ever - at least we think so!

This, by the by, brings me quite conveniently onto the second bit of news. During the very short time that Daryl has been with us, we have managed to write a whole new set of songs and are very pleased to announce that we will be going back into the studio later this year to record them. We will be bringing you a new 6 track EP that will hopefully light your funk on fire and also hopefully take us to the next stage of our master plan of musical world domination. The funk needs to be brought back to the masses and we'll be damned if it's not us to bring it. It is still early days as we will expect to release it in the new year, but we like to keep all you lot up to date.

Lastly, during our summer of gigs, we finally managed to find the time to film our next music video! We will be releasing it to our fans as soon as it is finished so keep yourselves clued in if you want to be among the first to watch it. We will be expecting to make the final releases of our first EP - Peace in Chaos - throughout the final months of this year to make way for our next one.

Anyway, here's a huge thanks to all the festivals, venues, promoters and other bands we played with over the summer. It's been good fun working with you all.

As for you lot, stay funky and make sure you eat your vegetables.