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Welcome to the official, insanely mediocre website for The Final Clause of Tacitus. We try really hard to make sure our website has as many different shades of 80s brown on it as possible. We will  also keep you updated with all our gig dates and goings on plus pictures and music.

Stay Solemn and Staid Guys!

Something is on it's way 

Honestly. We have new material on the way. My eyes hurt from looking at the mixing screen on my computer all day and my fingers hurt from laying down more guitar tracks than I know what to do with. We are looking forward to showing it to everyone, but, we will only let you hear it when it's ready so just hang tight.

Why don't you remix your old stuff? 

This is a question that we have never been asked, so in response to this fabricated question we have remixed an old track for everyone. Who remembers Give Them Blood? It was one of our catchier tracks from our first EP release. What's that? You don't remember it? Well you had better go and listen to the first offering of TFCoT this instant over on our Spotify. It's okay, we'll wait for you to do that....

...right, so now you're back you can go and watch this epileptic feast for the eyes and ears, courtesy of our good friend Ryan Webb. Oh and if you didn't get the epileptic part then seriously...if you are, don't freakin' watch it as it will almost certainly give you a seizure.

As always, the internet, stay funky.

War Elephant 

Despite COVID, or perhaps in spite of COVID, we are still releasing music. War Elephant is the last track of Antiquity that is getting the full radio treatment so make sure you show your love to any radio station whenever you hear it. Remember that the whole album is out anyway on Spotify and Youtube so if you find yourself here when you haven't before, make sure you go and check out the whole album. 

Stay safe,


COVID sucks 

We all know it. COVID-19 sucks big time. We love all the front line workers that put themselves at risk so that the rest of us can feel safe. We can't really do anything to help them in any real sense, but we have put our time and efforts into this video/song/Adele remix thing. 


Stronger, harder, faster... 

It's radio plugging season folks! The first song we are pushing towards the radio stations is Between The Lines (track 6 of Antiquity - check the video out here) we've already had plenty of plays because the track is a freaking BEAST so well done to those stations who have got on the back of this catchy S.O.A.B. of a song and played it. 

We intend to release 3 songs total this year in the hopes of blasting as many people as possible with positive funk, rock and groove. Stay tuned to see what we will be releasing next. Or better yet, listen/watch the whole of Antiquity and tell us which song you would want to hear played on the radio station you listen to.


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