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Antiquity has arrived...are you prepared?

The next chapter of Antiquity will be released on the first of every month. Follow us on Facebook to ensure you do not miss any chapters of the dark story of Antiquity.

Welcome! Antiquity awaits...

Welcome to the official, insanely funky website for The Final Clause of Tacitus. Here we will keep you updated with all our gig dates and goings on plus pictures and music as soon as we have them, available here FIRST. The official TFCoT T-Shirt is available now on the store page too!

Stay Funky Guys!

Part 8 - Nobody gets out alive 

The next part in Antiquity is here, people. Eddie, our 'hero', gets confronted by the stark realisation of what the world has become, he is reminded of how he got there. Sounds quite serious and hell, maybe it is, but at least you get to here Matt do his camp voice.

Has the world come to an end? 

Better watch Part 7 of Antiquity to find out. It looks pretty hairy for our protagonist, Eddie, especially as there are more explosions than a high budget Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and in a fraction of the time.

In other news. Turns out that Wilkestock festival is freakin' awesome, not that we had any doubts, mind. Still, it was a pleasure to play on their main stage.

Wilkestock Festival, here we come! 

We were very pleased and honoured to be voted, by the judges, to be the winner of the the Battle of the Bands at the acclaimed music venue, The Horn. Through several rounds we managed to play ourselves to victory from a pool of 64 highly talented bands. And now for the even more exciting news (well for us anyway)...As the winners we get the huge honour of playing at Britain's best small music festival, Wikestock in a couple of weeks time. So come along and see why it's such a good festival (and also why we won!) just google the festival and get your tickets. We will be playing main stage on the Friday along with We Are Scientists and many other great bands.


Antiquity so far. 

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While some people might think that zombies have been done enough on screen, what they don't realise is that they have never seen them get decapitated whilst listening to our music. So to any doubters out there who think that this wouldn't be the best thing ever, make sure to put them in their place and make them watch Antiquity. 

Part 6 is imminent and takes things to the next level of our messed up world so make sure you check it out.

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