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Antiquity has arrived...are you prepared?

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Welcome! Antiquity awaits...

Welcome to the official, insanely funky website for The Final Clause of Tacitus. Here we will keep you updated with all our gig dates and goings on plus pictures and music.

Stay Funky Guys!

Stronger, harder, faster... 

It's radio plugging season folks! The first song we are pushing towards the radio stations is Between The Lines (track 6 of Antiquity - check the video out here) we've already had plenty of plays because the track is a freaking BEAST so well done to those stations who have got on the back of this catchy S.O.A.B. of a song and played it. 

We intend to release 3 songs total this year in the hopes of blasting as many people as possible with positive funk, rock and groove. Stay tuned to see what we will be releasing next. Or better yet, listen/watch the whole of Antiquity and tell us which song you would want to hear played on the radio station you listen to.


It's done, it's done, it's finally DONE! 

The whole story of Eddie is now complete with the release of the final (10th) part of our Antiquity Project. We hope you enjoyed all the crazy hallucinogenic monsters, the zombie killing, the clone sword fights and of course, the music. The whole album is on Spotify and the videos are all on Facebook and Youtube so make sure you watch them twice a day for a year! 

Thanks all. We enjoyed doing this. 

Antiquity awaits. 

You will all be pleased to hear that the conclusion to our little project will be released on 1st December. You will finally learn the truth of what the hell is going on and believe me, we did not see that coming and we bloody wrote the damn thing. The full album is available on Spotify, Amazon, Youtube or wherever you stream your music from. Thank you all for joining us on this experimental journey. We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Stay tuned for news on what we plan to do next! And on that note, we best get thinking....

Part 8 - Nobody gets out alive 

The next part in Antiquity is here, people. Eddie, our 'hero', gets confronted by the stark realisation of what the world has become, he is reminded of how he got there. Sounds quite serious and hell, maybe it is, but at least you get to here Matt do his camp voice.

Has the world come to an end? 

Better watch Part 7 of Antiquity to find out. It looks pretty hairy for our protagonist, Eddie, especially as there are more explosions than a high budget Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and in a fraction of the time.

In other news. Turns out that Wilkestock festival is freakin' awesome, not that we had any doubts, mind. Still, it was a pleasure to play on their main stage.

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