Our Story

Proudly from Reading, UK, The Final Clause of Tacitus have been mixing up their own brand of funk, rock and groove-heavy riffs for only a couple of years, but have already gained national acclaim. They have played with the likes of Hactivist, We Are Scientists, Hed PE, Electric 6, DJ Lethal, Senser, 808 State and Crazy Town and continue to get booked all around the UK, bringing their energetic performances that make 80's aerobic workout videos look like exercise day at the retirement home.   

The winner of Battle of the Bands 2019 from a pool of 64 selected bands and played the main stage at Wilkestock Festival So far they have several EPs released that received great reviews from many critics and radio shows including Kerrang!

One full album 'Antiquity' complete with a full animated story for the whole thing.

Most recently writing a track with Jahred from (Hed) P.E which their label (Suburban Noize Records) picked to release as the first single, NOT TODAY from the album 'Califas Worldwide'.

When we where asked about how we write our music we say, “We write songs based on what first excited us about music. Bands these days forget that they are entertainers first and musicians second. When we go to a gig, we want to forget ourselves and get lost in the moment, so we hold ourselves to that ideal for our fans. Nothing less than that will do.” 

The Final Clause of Tacitus started gigging in February 2016 with a energetic powerful live perfomances. You can use the contact tab to get hold of us or alternatively email tfcot99@gmail.com