Ready for the new era?

So today we are starting advertising our new album that is going to be released next year where we ask "Ready for the new era?"

Seems a bit heavy for a fun loving funkers at first glance, but this really is going to be a new era for the band. We are completely changing the way we are doing this release and we hope it is for the better. The album will be called Antiquity and will be released periodically throughout 2019, which, granted, is nothing super new in modern times - all the big acts seem to be doing it this way. What we are doing is creating an entire movie to go along with the album. Each song will be released with the next chapter in the movie and we hope it is going to make you crap your proverbial pants with anticipation, excitement and funk. Funk being the most important.

Stay tuned you wonderfully funk-loving people.

Are you ready for the new era?