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That's it - the break is over. 

The Euro tour nearly killed Tom - not physically (or indeed literally), but getting the release ready before it and then touring round Europe was apparently a bit tiring for him (me - I write these posts); 7 years of constant writing, recording, producing, gigging and releasing meant that it was time for a break. That break went on a bit longer than anticipated, what with getting a new drummer and all - Ali - but I'll be damned, we're back now! Look out world (England), we're going to funk you up again.


That's right, friends. Our first release from the upcoming EP is out today! The video premiers on YouTube at 12:00 noon (click here to see it). The song is called Everybody Makes Mistakes, I Create Disasters. We hope you like it. If you don't, then feel free to lie to us so that our egos still get the appropriate amount of stroking.

edit - video added here

The Oxygen is Killing You 

Both scientifically correct and very catchy, our new EP will be releasing on 23rd June. If you can't wait that long then don't worry, you'll get a taste of it on 9th June with the first single from it - Everybody Makes Mistakes, I Create Disasters. 

Click here to save it to your Spotify.

What does one pack when going on tour? 

Euro Tour 2023 is finally here (well it will be tomorrow) and it turns out that packing for it is quite difficult.

First off, you need clothes. Lots and lots of clothes, apparently. The worry is that you might not find time to go to a laundrette to clean all of those overly sweaty clothes that will build up after each performance. 

Secondly. Instruments. They are always useful.

Thirdly. Entertainment. Cards, books, whatever. Either everything will be happening, or nothing, and I hate being bored so I expect I will play more cards than I have ever done in my life…

Look out Europe, here we come; prepare yourselves - I play a mean game of cards.

Kerrang! Radio 

Kerrang! Radio have announced the first round of their Big Deal competition to, among other things, play Download festival. Why am I telling you about this? Well, in case it wasn't obvious (it was pretty obvious, fyi) we have been entered and that means we need votes! Now, I'm not a big fan of online voting things as there are too many ways to abuse and cheat the system, so instead of asking you to blindly vote, I will I ask you to vote for us if you think we are worthy (we are definitely worthy).

Anyway, here's the link. If you reject all their cookies, then you will need to follow their instructions on how to make it work, which is a matter of clicking a button.

LINK - opens in new browser/tab/thing



That's right! We have finally decided that mainland Europe has been ignorant of our music for too long. It's time to correct this oversight. We are heading out for one week only to hit up six major cities across the mainland:

6-4-23    Belgium - Au Bout De Nos Rêves 

7-4-23    Amsterdam - The Cave Rock Club 

8-4-23   Geleen - Muziekcafé de Meister 

10-4-23 Vienna - COCO Bar | Vienna 

11-4-23 Fledbach - Glam Feldbach 

12-4-23 Prague - Hospoda Brouk 

We will be playing some old classics of ours, but more importantly, we will be throwing some of our new album tracks at them with such zealous ferocity, we might need a legal disclaimer to keep us from being deported back to the UK.

Don't Make a Sound 

"For crying out loud, don't make a sound." These words have been going round my head for months. Are they oxymoronic or a juxtaposition? I guess you'll decide when you hear our new song, For Crying Out Loud releasing on 13th July. One thing is for certain, you won't care on the finer points of syntax and definition by the end of the song as you'll have those damn words going round your head and, if you're anything like me (a sucker for a catchy hook), will have it going round your head for longer than you might wish. I've found that embracing it is the only way not to go mad. Now I'm off to listen to our new single again...

When did music videos become painful? 

We filmed the music video to our next release the other day. Turns out, spending 2 years locked inside trying not to contract some virus called COVID, can put you out of practice for a few things. For me it was jumping around like a kangaroo on cocaine whilst playing my guitar. Or rather, it was the ability to maintain said jumping around. The first take of the music video nearly killed me. It then dawned on me that we still probably had around another 25 takes of filming before we were done and I had set my bar extremely high on the expected energy levels. Refusing to believe that I was so unfit, I continued. In fact, we all did. By the time we finished, I was too weak to even pick up my guitar case and amp and take them back to the car. Pathetic. Still the video is looking really good, thanks to Loki Films. We will be releasing it some time in the near future so keep your little peepers peeled people. As for me, I'm going to drink another cup of tea (rock and roll tea, of course) and try and forget the harrowing experience of filming this video and the subsequent one week it took me to recover...pathetic...

Things are now interesting 

Holy crap! It's finally released. Our collab with Hed PE has finally been released and so far 16 thousand people have watched the video within 4 days of release. That's numbers we can be proud of. We wrote the track (minus lyrics) and sent it over to Jared and knew it was an absolute monster banger of a track when we heard what he had laid down. They then go and say that they will release it, which is even better as they obviously have a bigger fan base than us (he said with no amount of jealousy at seriously...ok, maybe a little jealousy). Thanks all. Let's hope this means we can now bring the funk, groove and good times to more people. 

Next up is Christmas. Now what could we do for that, I wonder...

Things are about to get interesting... 

So with our new drummer, Jay, comfortably practiced in, we are looking forward to our upcoming releases and recordings and videos and, of course, gigs!

The next release isn't actually coming from us though. You might have all remembered that we were happy to be doing a collaboration with Hed PE. Well that track is now on it's way and being released by the Hed PE guys (well their label). You won't miss it - we'll probably flood the internet with the news when it finally drops, which is SOON!

After that, Jot Maxi, of Hactivist will be featuring on an upcoming track.

Hell, we're psyched up! I hope you are too.