Has the world come to an end?

Better watch Part 7 of Antiquity to find out. It looks pretty hairy for our protagonist, Eddie, especially as there are more explosions than a high budget Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and in a fraction of the time.

In other news…


Wilkestock Festival, here we come!

We were very pleased and honoured to be voted, by the judges, to be the winner of the the Battle of the Bands at the acclaimed music venue, The Horn. Through several rounds we managed to play ourselves to victory…


Antiquity so far.

If you've been enjoying Antiquity then make sure you show us love by following us on Spotify, adding our songs to your playlists and spreading the good word of zombies and funk.





While some people might think that zombies have been done enough on screen, what they don't realise is that they have never seen them get decapitated whilst listening to our music. So to any doubters out there who think that…


Parts 3 + 4

The funk is going on!? Not only have we seen an awesome car chase, but the world as our hero knows it is slowly going to shit. Is it because of his own trauma or is it real. Only we…


Chapter 2 - Amok is here.

That's right. Just as we promised, the next chapter/part was released yesterday. Amok is the first song in the album that begins to highlight the new sound we found for this album. We like to usher you all gently towards…


Project Antiquity has landed!

With over 3000 views in the first weekend, Project Antiquity is off to a storming start so thank you to all of those who have jumped on board. We want this to be BIG so keep on spreading the word…


Word is spreading!

As we get closer to the 1st Chapter of Antiquity being released (on 1st March) it seems word is spreading. Unbeknownst to us, we got onto the radar of the people over at and onto their list of 20…


Ready for the new era?

So today we are starting advertising our new album that is going to be released next year where we ask "Ready for the new era?"

Seems a bit heavy for a fun loving funkers at first glance, but this…


It's October already!?

"Holy balls of solid funk, Batman! How did we get into October?" I hear you all cry.

Well my friends, it turns out that time flies when you are writing an album. We are pleased to let you all…


Summer Funk

Whilst playing the festivals and wondering whether we would ever be anything but hot and sweaty ever again, we have been working hard on a sneaky little release of one of our covers. Keep a look out this week for…


It's out!

The EP released on Friday and you can get it basically anywhere online that you would expect. Have a listen. It's really good. If you like it then come and see us play. Click here to see our tour dates…