Then the first review came in.

With the EP finished and set to hit stores on 9th Feb, we have been busy pushing it into the hands of the media. Critics, reviewers, magazines, ezines. The lot. The shear amount of music these people get sent on a daily basis is staggering, which means it always takes longer than you want to actually get stuff reviewed. So we have been doing what we do best and going out gigging around the UK to keep our minds occupied - waiting for reviews to come in is stressful work!

Then the first review came in.

We love our most recent EP. But hell, everyone loves their own work. If you don't, you're not doing it right. Doesn't mean other people have to like it. Anyway, the first review came in and you can see it here (opens in new window). Spoiler alert, it got 5 stars.

This has creaked opened the flood gates and reviews are now trickling in and we hope that they only get opened further as every review so far has given it the highest of accolades they can. Two have even stated it is the best EP of the year, happily stating this even though it is only January. 

We will post the reviews on our Facebook page so keep your eyes open and as always, thanks to all our fans for supporting us.

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