That's right! We have finally decided that mainland Europe has been ignorant of our music for too long. It's time to correct this oversight. We are heading out for one week only to hit up six major cities across the mainland:

6-4-23    Belgium - Au Bout De Nos Rêves 

7-4-23    Amsterdam - The Cave Rock Club 

8-4-23   Geleen - Muziekcafé de Meister 

10-4-23 Vienna - COCO Bar | Vienna 

11-4-23 Fledbach - Glam Feldbach 

12-4-23 Prague - Hospoda Brouk 

We will be playing some old classics of ours, but more importantly, we will be throwing some of our new album tracks at them with such zealous ferocity, we might need a legal disclaimer to keep us from being deported back to the UK.